Pug Rescue San Diego County Foster Application

Volunteers who foster Pugs are one of Pug Rescue's most valuable assets, and likewise, fostering Pugs is probably the most rewarding position a volunteer can have. New Pugs brought in for fostering are frequently stressed and require more love and attention than most Pugs. There can also be some jealously to deal with from existing pets.

Nevertheless, Pugs know when they have been saved, and once the stress is over (normally two days to a week) they are appreciative of their new life and foster parents. Pugs are extremely resilient. Although in most cases other volunteers will initially screen applicants and send only qualified applicants to you to view the Pug, your observations of prospective adopters will be valuable in helping us place the Pug in the best home possible. Please keep in mind the Pug(s) you are fostering is/are the property of Pug Rescue of San Diego at all times, and PRSDC will make all final decisions concerning the Pug(s).

Anyone wishing to adopt a Pug they are fostering must go through our standard application process and pay standard adoption fees. (PLEASE INITIAL ) Pugs are to be treated as family members. Should conditions ever be substantially different than the foster parent has represented, Pug Rescue has the right to reclaim the Pug if they feel it is in the Pug's best interest. Any volunteer designated by the Board of Directors of Pug Rescue of San Diego has the right to reclaim a foster Pug at any time, particularly if any answers given on the application are false or misleading.

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If you applied here and didn't hear from us, please re-apply. We're so sorry, but our forms handler has been losing applications.
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