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    Status:  Adopted
Personality: On nice list   Animal's Origin: Owner Relinquishment
Date received: 11/17/18
Age: 8 months      Gender:  Female
    Color:  Black
Altered: Yes  
Weight:  11 lbs.   Medical condition:  None known
Other:    Special needs: 
ďDear Santa,

I believe I should be on the nice list and all I want for my first Christmas is my furever home, a ball, a nylon bone, a furry rabbit, a squeaky toy, did I mention Iím a puppy.

I am 8 months old, full of energy, and here is why I am on the nice list, I am mostly potty trained, I can use the doggy door, Iím not scared about walking on a leash anymore, but I havenít learned how to sit or stay yet because I just had surgery. Iím a good eater, I love carrots and sweet potatoes, and the occasional dog cookies.

My favorite thing to do in the morning is cuddle and give kisses and burrow under the covers. I love little doggie houses or soft sided blanket beds. Since I am a chiweenie, I love to bury and dig, but my foster parents are working with me and Iím doing a great job with reminders. I am mostly chocolate colored with frostings of white on my chest, paws, tail and face. Iím great with little kids, other dogs my size but Iím unsure of strangers, big dogs and cats. Iíve been a very good puppy this year, will you find me a new family please?

I am worried Santa will not be able to find me since I landed in Pug Rescue as I had a pug sibling in my old home.

Love, JujuĒ

Juju Juju