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Harvey & Tyrone

Harvey & Tyrone
    Status:  Adopted
Personality: Perfect companions   Animal's Origin: Owner Relinquishment
Date received: 02/22/19
Age: 10 years      Gender:  Male
    Color:  Fawn
Altered: Yes  
Weight:  20/21 lbs.   Medical condition:  None known
Other: BONDED PAIR   Special needs: 
These two sweet older boys have been together most of their lives. They eat and sleep together, groom each other and pretty much just hang together most of the time. They are both very chill and well behaved but occasionally like brothers (but they’re not brothers) often do, get into tussles with each other.

Their previous owner developed serious health issues and was unable to keep them so they have been bounced around quite a bit and as a result their house training habits need some re-enforcing. But it’s nothing that some time, patience, belly bands and treats can’t take care of as their foster can attest to.

Harvey and Tyrone are very hard of hearing. They’ve had their shots and dentals taken care of and are now just in need of that perfect forever home to live out their happy lives in.

Harvey & Tyrone
Harvey & Tyrone Harvey & Tyrone
Harvey & Tyrone Harvey & Tyrone