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    Status:  Rainbow bridge
Personality: Bright and alert   Animal's Origin: Shelter
Date received: 01/10/12
Age: 8 - 10 yrs      Gender:  Female
    Color:  Black
Altered: Yes  
Weight:  18 lbs   Medical condition: 
Other:    Special needs:  Soft diet
Introducing Pug #A1448646 now named Lucy! She is a true survivor. Sadly, her pug mate, known only as #A1448642 died upon arrival to the San Diego County Animal Shelter medical center as a result of heat stroke (hyperthermia) from being left in a car. The owner who relinquished them told shelter authorities that she and her four pugs had been living in her car. The other two pugs have also survived.

Lucy now has a new thriving life in Foster care waiting for her forever home! Little Lucy has made her way to Pug Rescue and is now living in a wonderful foster home. Lucy is a real love and enjoys giving kisses all day long. She gets along very well with other dogs and cats. Lucy accompanies her foster family practically everywhere they go. She has developed separation anxiety if separated from her family or if she cannot see them. She is happiest when she is cuddled next to her human on the sofa watching television. The shelter informed us that she is seven years old but our vet believes she is between 8 and 10 years of age. She had to have all of her teeth extracted due to the severe dental disease. Lucy will need soft meals in her forever home. She was also treated for bilateral ear infections. She was successfully treated for kennel cough when she first arrived although she suffered another bout following her spay and dental surgery. She has fully recovered from the ear infections and kennel cough although she will need eye ointment for her dry eyes for life. Lucy is not fond of the crate. She much prefers sleeping in the big comfy bed with her foster family. This little lady is potty trained. We at Pug Rescue are so grateful we could provide a safe haven for this angelic girl. Lucy is no longer a shelter identification number but a pug with a wonderful future. Can you open your heart to provide a forever family for Lucy?

Lucy Lucy